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Helpful Tips for Gardening Bulbs Plantation

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Flowers are definitely amongst the beautiful and mesmerizing things on this planet. People admit that there could be absolutely nothing in this earth which can be paralleled to the beauty of the blooms. This is the reason why individuals are given blooms on specific events. Purchasing flowers are pretty costly at times; however, individuals do this because they truly value their near ones. Presenting a bouquet of refreshing blooms to your loved ones is not the only symbol of your

affection towards them. You can also present them only one beautiful and vibrant flower for expressing your love. You can even consider picking flowers from your garden which is if you are interested in flower bulbs plantation.

Plant Gardening Bulbs in a Proper Way

So, if you really want your garden flourishing with flowers from June to October, then you will have to plant tubers, bulbotubers, and gardening bulbs in spring, while there is completely no threat of the light morning and night frost. You can also plant flower bulbs in the month of May as well. Bulbs prefer sunny areas; hence you have to plant them in such areas of the garden where they can get sufficient sunlight. If you plant those bulbs in the flowerpots, then make sure that you keep them in

the sunny spots.

There are several options when it comes to planting flower bulbs. The most convenient option is using particular garden tools, such as bulb planter with long or short handle. You would obey the instruction which says that one should plant gardening bulbs in a depth, in fact, twice the size of the height of the bulbs. If you are thinking about that from where you can buy quality gardening bulbs, then don’t worry because there are several stores provide Wholesale Flower Bulbs for Sale. And this saves you money.

Important Instructions that you should Follow

Although there is a deviation of this instruction: Dahlia bulbs and some other kinds of gardening bulbs need to be planted close to the soil’s surface. And it is certainly the best idea to read the instructions that are given on the bulb packages before planting. Now you can buy Flower Bulbs for Sale Online. There are some rules that you should follow:

  • The planting distance of Dahlia bulbs is 40 centimeters.
  • For Lily bulbs, this planting distance will be 30 centimeters.
  • The planting distance of Gladiolus bulbs is 12centimeters.
  • While on the other hand, smaller bulbs must be planted in the distance of 10 centimeters.
  • And if you love to have a dense bed of flower, then plant your flower bulbs close to each other.

The Ideal Condition of the Soil that is Necessary for Flower Bulbs Planting

But before planting flower bulbs, you have to make the soil lighter and make it even as well. Summer flower bulbs can easily be planted in any type of soil that has a good drainage. And if heavy clay soil is what you have, then it is suggested to mix compost or sand. You might use peat or garden soil for the flower tubs. Once you planted your bulbs properly, you will have to water them instantly as smaller bulbs require a huge amount of water and adequate watering is essential to grow roots faster. Well, it is also necessary to keep the soil in wet condition particularly in this period of the year. However, you should keep in mind that wet top layer of soil is breeding place for the weeds.

In the summer weather, it is also suggested to sprinkle flowers and gardening bulbs with cold water because plants won’t be capable of assimilating the nutrients and moisture. So, it will be helpful for them. So, find out a reliable seller who offer you with bulk flower bulbs for sale.

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